10 Reasons To Be Happy That You Are Single

Reasons To Be Happy That You Are Single

Just as being in a relationship has its own pros and cons so does being single. But let us focus on the pros and enjoy all the little things that come our way till we find the perfect one!

Following are 10 Reasons To Be Happy That You Are Single

1. You Still have time for “the right one!”

I know this is THE ray of hope when you are all sulky and low.  But, just give it a thought instead of landing up with somebody wrong and then going through all the crap, have patience because you still have the chance.

2. You can make decisions without the fear of “what will he/she think of it!”

I am not saying that every committed person goes around asking teeny tiny things to their better half, but sometimes it gets obvious that in a relationship you should consult. Here is your happy pie dear, You can confidently go and by the purple carpet for your house! No questions asked!

3. The FOOD in your fridge is just yours!

And this is a blessing! Who on earth shares FOOD? Is it even a thing duh! So sit back with your favorite Chocolate, ice cream, fries, pizza, etc and TV series.

4. Do whatever you want to do!

You might take it for granted but, boy please do not! You are the master off the decisions you take ( no matter how stupid they are) there is nobody to go “ why? Why? Why?” over you!

5. Girl’s/Guy’s night out without the guilt.

For some strange reason there is always tinch of jealousy when your significant other has a night out with Girls/guys. But, now that you have the freedom, just put on the Pj’s  and enjoy!

6.  The whole bed is just YOURS

There  is nobody to fight for space.  Your side is the entire bed! Keep rolling buddy.

7. You can be chill as much as you want.

No need to worry about the future. You can do whatever you feel like which gets your expenses  done.  You need not sponsor anybody.

8. No need to “settle”

If bag-packing around the world till you die is your dream. You can surely do that because it does not take a fortune! Unlike the fancy wedding.

9. You have a chance to love yourself better.

Because  in the end it only you who is going to be with you! Take care of yourself  first.

10. You give life a chance to surprise  you!

Being single means have a lot of time to follow your passion and do what you wish.  Keep doing that you never know whom will you bump into!

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