10 Things Gujju girls Want Everyone To Know

Things Gujju girls Want Everyone To Know

” Women are meant to be loved and not understood” said Mr. Wilde

But how about you making a sweet attempt towards understanding us. Sacrificing our individuality under the name of love is not what we ask for. Just teeny tiny efforts here and there, trust me you will meet the best girl on the planet. So here are few things which every Gujju girl would like their counterparts to know and make a good note of it!





Following are 10 Things Gujju girls Want Everyone To Know


1. Stop treating us like another species altogether.



I understand we are more sensible than the our counterparts but that doesn’t require “ are chokri che pehla java de ! ” JUST NO! We are fellow humans. Biology divides us but Humanity unites us!




2. Do not expect us to be like “Daya ben!”



Sorry to burst your bubble, Not all of us are like the “ Glorified Sterotypical Gujju girl image ! ” Be prepared!




3. Please stop using Phrases like “Suvali sukanya” “komal kaakdi” for us.



We are not made of Glass just so you know! So better stop telling us this. Padse naitar ????





4. We don’t need to be “ Sarvagunn sampan ! ”



Drop the “ aadarsh dikri/bahu ” image and please understand that we are humans and have traits  which might be good or bad. Just accept us the way we are and enjoy!




5. Our emotional outbreaks have various reasons and not just “ Time maa che ! ”



We understand that you have some emotional issues as well, we happily acknowledge that without labelling it onto your testicles, Can you not do the same?





6 . When your guy friend cries do not label him as “ baidi jevo ! ”



Like why would you say that.  Crying is just as natural as expression of other emotions. There is just no need to say “ chokri ni jem radvanu bandh kar!”




7. Stop calling us “tomboy” just because we like to do what you do!



I like to swear unnecessarily or enjoy football nights or play X box and be a pro at it! That doesn’t mean you go hopping around the town labeling us “ aa toh chokra jevi che ! ”




8. Some of us are not the goody goody girls, Best of luck!



Badha ne ek jeva nathi banvya bhagwan ae. SAMJHO! Just because I am a girl do not expect me to always sugar coat things and tell you. We can be upfront about what we feel, if that hurts you right in the testicular ego. Sorry not sorry!




9) Not all of us go “ awwwww cho shweeeet ! ”



And if you are the guy who likes such gestures, god help you then! No offences to the ones who express in such manner. But also be ready to here “ kutro, bilado, gadhedo, dafod, buddhi vagarno” and a lot more from us!




10. “Saji dhaji rehvu” is not every girl’s pastime!



I am a zillion times more happier and pretty of course in those Payjamas. Many amongst us like snuggling in our beds for days altogether doing nothing and just being with Nutella. Relax!




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