10 Types Of Jain Friends We All Have

All of us know that one Jain friend from our school or college or office je jarur hoye tyare Jain bani jaaye! Nowadays even the remotest restaurant in the world serves Jain food, owing to their widespread popularity. However they do something at times that the line they hear most of the times is ” tu khali naam no jain che ! “ No offence but maybe for them it is their way that is justified for them. Check out what kinds of Jain friends we come across and how equally amazing each one of them is.

Following are 10 Types Of Jain Friends We All Have:

1) Pure Jain

2) Kanda, lasan sivaay badhu chaale

3) Gravy ma chaale pan kaachaa nai

4) Paryushan ma Jain baaki chaale badhu

5) Bahar Khaai lau pan ghare na banaave

6) Ghare na bane, pan maare joita hoy to kanda muda jaate samaari lau

7) Hu khau chhu pan ghare nathi khabar

8) Lagan pehla khaati, pan husband nathi khaato to hu pan nathi khaati

9) Aapane badhu chaale

10) Hu khau chhu pan khata pehla 3 navkaar gani lau

P.S. We love our Jain Friends! 🙂

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