Can you spot the leopard that is hidden in this picture?

Animals are often known to camouflage themselves with their surroundings due to their appearance in such a way that it becomes almost impossible to spot them at first glance! Since last few days this image has been doing rounds all over the internet! Have a look at it by yourself and see whether you can spot the leopard in the image or not.

This photograph was shared by Bella Lack on twitter. She wrote “Someone just sent this to me and asked me to find the leopard. I was convinced it was a joke… until I found the leopard. Can you spot it?”

It is being assumed that the image was taken by someone named Hemant Dabi on the basis of the watermark on the top left corner of the image.

It was very difficult for people to spot the leopard in the image.

At first glance, you will not see leopard in the picture. On social media, many people tried to find the leopard in the picture, but very few succeeded at it. When zoomed in on this picture, it was found that the leopard is lying in the mud behind the tree.

Gradually with some zooming into the image and careful observation people found out the leopard.

Were you able to find out the leopard? If yes how much time did you take to find it?

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