10 Signs A Gujarati Girl Really Likes You

Signs A Gujarati Girl Really Likes You

Understanding girls has been a life long struggle.  Ema jo chokri Gujarati hoye toh, god bless you. Dont you worry here is your saviour.  Not saying that every Gujju girl does this or every Gujju girl who posses such reactions likes you.  But you never  know.  Read on and play it safe

Following are 10 Signs A Gujarati Girl Really Likes You:

1. Aakha gaam ni vaato just with you.

She tells every single detail about her day. Kya gai, su karyu, kem karyu! Every thing. Just for you.

2. She wishes to see you play Garba.

Why not! Nothing is cuter in the world than a Gujju guy playing Garba. It all starts with tane Garba aavde che?

3. She frequently tells about ene su game che.

If you can not take this obvious sign then you surely are dumb. In-fact the day she tells about her likes, the next day lai aavanu!

4. She shows interest regarding how every member of your family is doing.

If she goes ” ghare badha kem che “ every now and then and wants to know about it in detail. Ahem! Ahem!

5. She shows her sarcastic side!

No it is not a bad thing, boy! She just got comfortable with you. She now knows kai pan bolu he wont mind.

Pro tip: have better sarcastic comeback than her. Ene khotu nai lagey!

6. She is your stalker and enquires about every post with other girls.

Peli kon che? Tane gamey che? Exactly what she will ask. Answer smartly!

7. She can not stand you getting comfy with other girls.

Peli jode aaj kal bau rakhde che? Oli ae tane kem gift aapi? And zillion other questions. She just can not stand it!

8. All her friends know about you.

When you bump into one of her friends if the typical reaction is ‘ ohh you are xyz ‘ understand she knows all about you from the girl.

9. She insists about being or traveling together.

Now this is a double edged sword. If it is economical travelling with you then its okay, but if she goes ‘ apdey sathe jasu ‘ everytime, get the hint bro

10. She is a khaudhri in front of you.

While most girls go all sophisticated, on dinners. She will hog without the fear of judgement. Accompany her in her khaudhra adventures

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