8 Negative Habits That Stop You from Being Successful | Get Rid of Them Now

8 Negative Habits

It happens with many of us that despite of putting lot of efforts and time to achieve a particular goal, we do not get success. This happens again and again and we keep on wondering as to where we went wrong. In such situation, we should introspect and try to find out whether we are having any of the following negative habits or not.

1) Delaying work till last moment:

This is a very bad habit as doing things at the last moment not just affects the quality and accuracy of work, but also creates lot of mental stress and anxiety.

2) Company of Ambition-less People:

You should stay away from people who do not have any goals or who have very small goals as compared to you. Such company will put you in comfort zone, which is not good for your growth.

3) Comparison with others:

This tendency leads to having unrealistic expectations and generates self-doubt. Every individual is different from others in terms of intellect and capacity to put efforts. Rather, the approach should be to improve ourselves with every passing day.

4) Making Excuses:

Every time, you may have excuses to not do a particular work. Some such excuses may even be genuine. However, every excuse made to avoid/delay work, not only leads to loss of precious time, but also makes you weak and brings guilt later on.

5) Not Moving On:

This habit may apply to job as well as relationship. Whenever you feel that things are not working out, put honest efforts to make it right. Even after that, it does not improve, don’t hesitate to move on.

6) Thinking about others opinions:

These thoughts will restrict you to take certain actions which may be beneficial to you. Keep in mind that, others opinions may not be always right are not always in good faith. In context of this sentence, please note that your true well-wishers are not included in the word ‘Others’.

7) Learn to Say No:

Many individuals don’t like to say NO, as they fear that it may make them look bad. You must understand that, it is not possible to keep everyone happy. Thus if you take on work or agree to ideas imposed by others, you may just be overburdening yourself and may lose focus on your goal.

8) Complaining:

Stop complaining about negative people and negative situation that come in your life. Everyone faces such people and situations, howsoever great they may be. Thus the right approach is to find solution to get away from it, rather than wasting our energy by complaining about it.

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