7 Things A Guy Should Never Hide From A Gujarati Girlfriend

Things A Guy Should Never Hide From A Gujarati Girlfriend

Relationships can be a bed of roses  if dealt in the right manner.  Hiding  is one of those many many teeny tiny things which affects any relationship  in a negative way.  Any which ways you must not hide anything from your girl,  specially if she  is a Gujju. Beta don’t even try,  kyaai thi pan shodhi kaadhse.  Better keep it straight. But, surely read on to keep the relationship all sunny and bright.

Following are 7 Things A Guy Should Never Hide From A Gujarati Girlfriend

1. The phone.

No I am not saying you must not password protect your phone, pan password amne kai devano! If you think we can not find what the password is then you are wrong my dear. So better tell it, of course we won’t check your phone every second but kai devu saru 😛

2. Kone malyo? Kya gayo? Kem gayo? NO!

We do not want you to tell us your dairy but just the basic that where are you and probably with whom is good enough. Unless you are intentionally hiding things from us. God bless you when we find it out!

3. Your past!

We understand that you might have problems opening up in the initial stage but it is always better to be an open book in the start itself, Koi bija thi khabar padse toh vadhare problems aavse, So just tell us over a good dinner date. Trust me you will feel relaxed!

4. Dostaaro!

Friends make being in a relationship all the more fun, all the teasing and blushing during that is an amazing feeling. So share this with your girl, let us also have our part. Facebook par nai kariye add badhaane, CHILL!

5. Things that make you go all nuts!

If she said something out of impulse and it got on your nerves. Do not keep it to yourself, Spit it out. She deserves to know that. Kevi reeta react karse ? Kevu lagse ? No, no no, do not get on that train.

6. Family!

A lot of men do not talk much about their family, but if a girl is really into you she will surely want to know about it. Saame thij kai devanu or else she will surely probe it out of you. Spare the drama be an open book!

7. Things that make you go aee haaalooo!

Just as we expect you to tell us about things that prick you we would also love to know about things that give you butterflies. Gully cricket hoye ke pachi mountain climbing ke pachi aakho divas ghotai rehvanu! Tell her what you like you never know it may become all the more fun with her.

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