10 Things That Happen When Gujjus Go To A Restaurant

When Gujjus Go To A Restaurant

Nothing binds us better than food. Food is love. Being born and brought up in a Gujju family, you by now surely know how hilarious we are at restaurants. Read along and share one of those things that always happen when you are with your family at a restaurant.

Following are the 10 Things That Happen When Gujjus Go To A Restaurant

1. Table for ten please.

Of course we do not go in single digits. Havey baar jaiye j che toh badha ne lai nej javanu hoye ney! Families that eat together stay together, sambhlyu che ne?

2. The signature restaurant.

This happens every time, even if 15 of us are going and even if zomato shows the most explicit restaurants, you will always end up going to that one restaurant, jya aapda pardada jata hata!

3. Teniyao Teniyao everywhere!

You just cannot overlook these amazing creatures, They always choose to pee and poop while everybody else is at the main course and also not to forget all the dhampachada they do all over the restaurant.

4. Dad’s signature dish or dishes!

Take us anywhere, the most fancy restaurant or the one next door, the first thing dearest daddy will do is “ek panner makkhanwala, ek navratna korma, jeera rice” Pachi tamney je mangavu hoye mangavo!

5. One by two!

This is the ritual invented by Gujjus I suppose. Be half ma ek full thi vadharey aave. The even more sad part about this ritual is when you were a kid you had to share the half of the half soup with your siblings!

6. Reading the menu right to left!

If you know what I mean ! The less costly dishes get picked first. Nobody cares about you silly expensive ghaasphoos looking dishes!

7. Oregano, chilly flakes haran!

The sole purpose of ordering one pizza is to make that annoying kid sit down with the pizza and take home the oregano as much as we can!

8. Parcel kari do!

So going ritual wise, pehla toh etlu order j naa karva male ke kai baki reh! If anything is left over mistakenly, all the members up for the dinner have to thoosofy that whether they like it or not, still if it is left the restaurant has to pack it up whether they like it or not!

9. Smuggling of variyali.

If you have never ever done this, you are missing out on the best experiences ever. No matter how weirdly the waiters look at us but no, the smuggling mission matters the most.

10. Incessant shhsuhing from the neighbours!

Being who we are, apde badhe jalsa karvanaj hoye so other members shushing us is nothing new at restaurants.

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