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Tips to Attract Your Crush’s Attention

Many old people have confessed that, the thing they regret the most in their life is not expressing their feelings or letting know about their attraction to their crushes. If you too don’t want to have this regret when you turn old, follow these tips which shall help you in attracting your crush’s attention.

Note: It has been assumed that, you and your crush know each other or your crush is at least aware about your existence.

Tip # 1 – React to Social Media Post of Your Crush

Make sure that you give an “APPROPRIATE” reaction to all social media posts of your crush. This gives him/her a signal that you are following him/her. Believe it or not, everybody posting updates on social media does check as to ‘who’ gave ‘what’ reaction to their post.

Tip # 2 – Smile and Wave while You Cross by

This applies to situations in colleges as well as offices. If your crush happens to pass by you, make an eye contact, smile and wave in front of him/her. This indicates that you not only noticed of him/her but are also giving due attention. In matters relating to crush’, remember the basic rule “you can get attention, only when you give attention”.

Tip # 3 – Give Compliments:

If you have known your crush for just some time, it would be appropriate to limit your compliments only to clothes and accessories. When you have known him/her for long time, it would be more effective to give compliments about personal attributes like smile, hairstyle, eyes etc.

Tip # 4 – Invite Him/Her to Party/Picnic/Outing

By applying this tip, you can get two advantages. Firstly, you made him/her feel important and secondly you get an opportunity to spend time and interact with him/her at a place which is more interesting than your college/office.

Tip # 5 – Offer Goodies

From time to time you may offer goodies like chocolates, cookies or sweets depending on his/her taste. Another act that can surely make him/her start thinking about you is to bring for him/her a gift or a delicacy from an outstation place, you recently visited. Examples: Cashew Nuts from Goa, Dates from Dubai, yellow banana wafers from Kerala etc.

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