Did You Know | Why there is ‘X’ Sign at the End of All Trains

‘X’ Sign at the End of All Trains

While travelling by train, you must have noticed that there is always the ‘X’ sign on the last coach of all trains. This ‘X’ sign on the last coach is common for all trains, whether it is a goods train or a passenger train. But have you ever wondered, why this sign exists and what does it mean? If No, then read this article till the end and you will get the answer.

According to questions-answer website Quora, ‘X’ sign on the last coach of the train is related to passenger safety. How? Because the ‘X’ sign indicates that it is the last coach of the train and there are no more coaches after this.

Thus by viewing the ‘X’ sign, the railway in charge gets assurance that the train has passed in totality, as it is meant to be and there are no coaches which may have separated at the previous station or mid-way.

In case if there is no ‘X’ sign on the last coach of the passing train, it indicates an ‘Emergency Situation’ for railway officials. They take instant action to locate the separated/left out coaches and thereby ensure the safety of the passengers within.

In addition to ‘X’ sign, letters ‘LV’ are also written on the last coach. ‘LV’ stands for ‘last vehicle’. An LED lamp, which keeps blinking, is also mounted on the last coach, which gives this confirmation at night when visibility is low.

We hope you found this interesting information about trains useful.

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