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Moles on different Parts of Body

All individuals have moles on different parts of their body. Most of the moles are from birth, while very few may appear over a period of time. As per Indian scriptures, moles reveal a lot about a person’s character and future prospects.

Let’s know about, what indication is given by moles present on different body parts.

1) Mole on the forehead

Such people are hardworking. They prove to be good leaders.

2) Mole on the nose

Such people get angry very soon. However, Mole under the nose is an indicator of good sexual drive.

3) Indicator of good fortune

Those who have mole under their eyebrows are intelligent and artistic.

4) Indicators of bad luck

It is not considered good to have a mole in the middle of the nose. Such people always face shortage of money.

5) Mole on the head

Such people do well in politics. They attain social status similar to kings

6) Mole on Eyebrows

Person having mole on eyebrow is usually showered with wealth. The mole on the right eyebrow indicates an early marriage, while it is inauspicious to have a mole on the left eyebrow, as such person has to face lot of problems in his/her career.

7) Mole on the eyelids

Person having mole on the right eyelid would never have shortage of wealth. A mole on the left eyelid is an indicator of an ordinary life.

8) Mole on the cheek

The mole on the right cheek shows that a person is very sensitive. Such people take very good care of their family. They also have a long life. Those who have a mole on their left cheek are Introvert.

9) Mole on eyes

Those who have a mole on their right eye, find no difficulty in earning money. People who have mole on their left eye are arrogant.

10) Mole under the eyes

Love life of such people is full of problems. It is not considered good to have a mole under the left eye.

11) Mole on Ear

Such people live luxurious life. They are also intelligent. Those who have mole on their ear lobe have good looking and healthy children.

12) Mole on the back

Such people are trustworthy and prove to be good friends. Their decision making ability is fantastic.

13) Mole on chin

Those who have mole on the right side of their chin, take decisions after due consideration only. Those who have mole on the left side of their chin are quite upfront and believe in speaking bluntly.

14) Mole on the lips

Individuals having a mole on the upper lip are inclined towards social service. Those who have mole on their lower lip are very fond of food.

15) Mole on feet

Mole on right feet is considered auspicious, whereas a mole on the left feet indicates extensive travel opportunities, both domestic and international.

16) Mole on the tongue

Such people face problems in education and they also have health related problems.

17) Mole on the neck

Such people are lucky and even in situations where there is no hope, their luck favours them.

18) Mole on shoulder

Such people are very social by nature. They can make friends very easily.

19) Mole on arms

Such people are of soft nature. Mole on elbow indicates that the person has a hobby to travel.

20) Mole on chest

These people are lazy but their family life is quite pleasant.

21) Mole on Fingers

Having a mole on fingers is not considered auspicious. Such people are dishonest by nature and bluff a lot.

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