Now Cow Dung Cakes are Sold in American Store | Guess the Price

Cow Dung Cakes are Sold in American Store

Yes, you read it right; Cow Dung cakes are indeed being sold in an American Store. We are familiar that cow dung cakes are so popular in India that they are also sold on e-commerce platforms.

But now, it has gone a step further and has made its debut in the International market. Recently a picture of neatly stacked and packed cow dung cakes on display shelf in an American Store has gone viral.

The funniest part is that, on the packet, it is written in bold letters that it is ‘Not Eatable’.

The price of 1 packet, which includes 10 cow dung cakes, is $2.99, which is roughly 215 Indian Rupees.

As soon as this picture was shared by an Indian journalist, it went viral and evoked hilarious responses from social media users.

One user wrote ‘Isko dekh ke mein ‘DUNG’ reh gaya’ while another user questioned whether, the dung cakes are of an Indian cow or an American Cow. Check out more such responses:


This is not the first time that a product which is easily available in every nook and corner of India, has made it to the international market. Earlier, ‘Charpoy’ grabbed the headlines as it was advertised in Australian market as ‘Traditional Indian Daybed’ and that too at an exorbitant sale price.

One more such incident involved a very popular international fashion brand, wherein it tried to sell our very own ‘Lungi’ at a ridiculously high price, renaming it as ‘Asian Male Skirt’.

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