Real Incident | Wife Runs away with Lover as Husband did not bring Eggs Daily

Husband did not bring Eggs Daily

You must have heard many different reasons that lead to end of marriages. But we bet, you must have never heard about this reason which we will share in this article. A wife left her husband because he did not bring her eggs daily.

Yes, this is true, a couple residing in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, regularly fought with each other as the husband was unable to bring eggs for meals daily. The wife once left her husband and went away with her lover. She returned after 4 months and on her return she revealed to Police that she had taken this step as her husband was not able to fulfill her demand for eggs daily.

Post her return, the fights between husband and wife for eggs continued. Soon, once again the wife left her husband and has not returned till date. Since her disappearance, there are no whereabouts of wife’s lover as well. It is being speculated that both of them have eloped together.

The husband has told police that he is a labourer earning minimum wages and thus cannot afford to have eggs on daily basis. He also told that, the lover of his wife took advantage of her craving for eggs and thus brought eggs for her daily.

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