10 Things Every Gujju Kid Hears During Board Exams

Things Every Gujju Kid Hears During Board Exams

Exams have always been a big big deal. Ema pan Board exams hoye etle maahol toh curfew vaalo j hoye. From weird relatives giving you unwanted salaah to dahi saakhar, a zillion things happen when it is BOARD EXAMS. Here are a few things that happen with every Gujju kid during Board exams





Following are 10 Things Every Gujju Kid Hears During Board Exams


1. “ Bas thodak j divas bhani le, pachi toh maja che j ne ! ”



It is a trap. This lie has been passed from generations and still prevails. Kai aaram nathi malvano. Just chill and do your best.




2. “ Aa le good luck gift ”



*turns out to be a pen always* It is a no brainer. Packing na shape size par thi j khabar padi jaye. All the relatives need to understand that ketli pan monghi pen aapo ame lakhsu 3 rupiya ni pen thi j.




3. “ Badha bhale khali ‘IMP’ questions kare, tare toh badhu j vaachvanu ”



So basically study hard and not smart. Why!!!




4. “ Exam toh amari j che ! ”



So you just stood up to pee ane TV chaltu hatu toh tame distract thai gaya. This is what you hear for relaxing your ass for 15 minutes.




5. “ Ame toh gharna kaam karine board exam aapi che ! ”



Yes we get that totally, and also the fact that you passed without the distractions of WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. Kudos !





6. “ Aa mobile nai aave exam lakhva ! ”



Bad manners. Even if there are notes in there you shall not touch it.




7. “ Aakhu varas bhanya hot toh chelli ghadi par atlu rakhadvu na padat ”



But we possess superpowers to get done with everything a day before the exams, are you not aware?




8. “ Wifi, TV, mobile aajthi ek mahino badhu j bandh ! ”



This surely happened at every Gujju kids place. Board exams are incomplete without this grand ritual and breaking of the same ritual post two days of making it 😛




9. “ Bhanya vagar koino udhhar nathi thayo ! ”



Ummm… true that!




10. “ Aajthi pariksha sudhi tara dostaro ne kai deje rakhadva naa bolaave ! ”



House arrest basically.



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