10 Struggles Of Every Gujarati Girl On Her Period

Struggles Of Every Gujarati Girl On Her Period

Periods make sisters out of us women. They are a battle in itself from PMSing to managing the awkward positions of the sanitary pads in a meeting. Periods surely put us trough a lots, not only on those five days but otherwise as well. Here are some real struggles of every Gujarati girl on her period. Read, comment and share with your fellow cramp mates.

Following are the 10 Struggles Of Every Gujarati Girl On Her Period:


The cold stare from mom when you ask…

gujarati mom stare

” Mummy mari date su che ? “ Like really she knows that she has to reveal it, what is with the staring and conveying as if we asked for her gold bracelet.


Being asked “Tamara ghare paalo cho ?”

angry gujarati girl

Like whhyyyyy! Did I ask you to come over for a lunch. And amara ghare naa paalta hoye then, What is with not touching us outside because Tamey tamara gharma paalo cho!


Being told to walk away from the mandir.

mandir pase nai jati

Out of nowhere your mom or dadi will pop up when you accidently entered the God’s arena. They aren’t offended but these ladies surely are, bhagwaan pase nai jati!


Mom and her stories.

Struggles Of Every Gujarati Girl On Her Period

You are in bad pain and all you want to do is cuddle with your bed but no! Mommy has plans for you and periods won’t work as an excuse because, navi navai ni thodi Thai che tu, badha ne thaye!


Every family gathering falls on “those days”

are you ok

There is some  amazing connection between family gatherings and our uteruses. They just manage to break open simultaneously. So if you don’t dress up with the ocean flowing underneath be ready for, beta bimaar che ?


Fafda jalebi also fail, during those five days !

fafda jalebi fail

Cravings and aversions happen simultaneously. What is with our hormones even the creator will not be able to figure out.  Sweets is the ultimate therapy but the mummy hu jaadi thai Jais, uhuh!


1008 sleeping postures.

girl sleeping period

By now you can surely write a book on the sleeping postures that do not work during periods. The moment you find one twisted posture which is relaxing you will hear “manas ni jem suta sikh” from darling mommy!


Wondering “atlu lohi aave che kyathi ?”

period blood

Like seriously, how, when, why! Specially if you are the woman who is always low on her hemoglobin count like me, it pinches every time we see the amount of blood on our napkins. For five long days!


The seller maasi.


Every Gujarati girl has one maasi or kaaki at least who sells sanitary napkins at cheaper prices than the market. The quality comes under question but then you save money on the thing which sucks your blood, quite a relief!


The every minute check.

period stain spots

From the moment one drop of blood is out to the last all the females have your back, because you asked them “Jo toh koi spot nathi ne ?” Even when you know you are wearing layers of napkins which the blood clot won’t find the strength to cross.

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