10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Pappa Ni Laadki

Pappa Ni Laadki

A daughter and her mother share a special bond but a daughter and her father have the most amazing bond.  From sharing inside jokes to asking for money again and again he is your super saviour. Here are a few things out of the zillion lovely ones you will surely relate to if you are a  pappa ni laadki.

Following are the 10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Pappa Ni Laadki :

1. Of course you are independent until ” Papa tame kya cho ! “

tame kya cho

Yes you may brag about not needing a man in your life and being all on your own. Pan jyare aankhey aasu aave tyare pappa j yaad aave !

2. He never says ” na “

cool gujarati dad

He is your guardian angel personified. Be it your most weird demands he is there to say ” haa jaa kari le “

3. You are his dikro.

pappa no dikro

It is not that he would have chosen a son over you but you are obviously greater than the son he would have ever had.

4. He is your funny man.

funny gujarati dad

No matter what, he manages to make you smile. Even when he isn’t  in a good mood he ensures you are in a great mood. Pappa maja karave j.

5. You never spend on commute, pappa leva aavo!

amna j leva avu chu

Be it 3 AM or anywhere on the face of earth, your dad always shows up for you, he is always a call away. Superhero indeed.

6. Carbon copies !

proud gujarati daughter

Family gatherings are more about hearing ” tu toh Tara pappa jevi j laage che ! “ And you are totally proud of it.

7. His credit cards aren’t his at all.

pappa nu credit card

The only time he remembers that he has a credit card is when the bank sends a message regarding ketla udaavyaa! He still doesn’t mind.

8. His lame jokes also give you a stomach ache.

pappa bau hasave

Even if he reads out a Santa Banta joke to you are bound to fall off from the chair, bolej evi reetey!

9. Asking for permission is always a cakewalk !

pappa ni permission

While your friends had to go to mom and hear ” papa ne puch pehla “ since you were his little angel and will always be, you had to just tell him about your plans. Nothing much.

10. You listen to his bhaashan also attentively.

pappa ni laadki dikri

No matter how long and irrelevant his debates are you will listen to him. 🙂

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