7 Smart Tricks to Check REAL Vs. FAKE Sweets

Tricks to Check Real Vs. Fake Sweets

Diwali is a festival of joy and joy is always spread by consuming and sharing lots of sweets with near and dear ones. During Diwali, every Indian household is flooded with range of sweets. However, due to widespread adulteration in sweets (fake sweets) available in the market, many people prefer to prepare sweets at home, even though it is time consuming and requires lot of hard work.

If you are not in a situation to put time and efforts in preparing sweet at home and are dependent on sweets available in market, it is strongly recommended to run few simple tests on those sweets before you or any of your loved ones consume it. To make things easier for you, we have listed 7 Smart Tricks which can be performed easily and quickly to check whether the sweets that you have purchased from market are REAL or FAKE.

How to know whether sweets are real or fake?


If you want to make sweets at home using ‘khoya’ from market, then rub a little ‘khoya’ on your thumb nails. If it is real, you will get a light aroma of ghee from it and that aroma will stay for a while.


Add some sugar to the ‘mawa’ and then heat it. If water starts draining, it means the ‘mawa’ is fake.


Mix iodine in hot water and add some sweets purchased from market. If it dissolves in water, means the vendor has sold you fake sweets.


Many sweets have ultra thin silver foils placed/wrapped on it, which in most cases are fake silver foils. Before buying such sweets, just rub a small piece of it on your hand. If the foil separates on rubbing, it is fake.


While buying ‘Boondi Laddu’, make sure that the colour of the laddu should not be dark orange. The dark orange colour indicates the excessive use of artificial colour in its preparation, which is harmful for health.


One of the basic and most simple tricks is to always smell the sweets before buying. If the sweet is stale, you can instantly detect it at the sweet shop itself due to its foul smell.


While buying ‘mawa’, first taste a very small chunk of it. If you feel a granular texture in your mouth, means that it is adulterated.

For celebrating Happy & Safe Diwali, use the above listed simple, yet smart tricks while buying sweets from the market.

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