BMC Joint Municipal Commissioner drinks Sanitizer instead of Water by Mistake

BMC Joint Municipal Commissioner drinks sanitiser

Ramesh Pawar, Joint Municipal Commissioner of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), accidentally drank the sanitizer instead of water on Wednesday (3 February). In fact, on Wednesday, Ramesh Pawar was presenting the education budget of the municipal body when he felt thirsty and drank the bottle of sanitizer kept in front of him thinking it was water.

BMC Joint Municipal Commissioner drinks sanitiser

However, he immediately realized his mistake and spewed the sanitizer. This incident happened three days after the incident of 12 children who were given sanitizer during a polio vaccination campaign in a village in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.

After the incident, Ramesh Pawar said, “I thought that I should drink water before starting my speech so I lifted the bottle & drank. Bottles of water & sanitiser kept there, were similar. So it happened. As soon as I drank it, I realised the mistake & didn’t gulp it all the way down” Ramesh Pawar, BMC Jt Commissioner.

The video of this incident is becoming quite viral on social media. In the video, the officer is seen opening the bottle and drinking sanitizer. As soon as he drank a sip of sanitizer, people standing behind him and sitting with him stopped him. However, by then he had realized his mistake. He immediately spewed the sanitizer.

Sanitizer was given to children instead of polio drops

Significantly, in a village in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra, 12 children were given drops of sanitizer instead of polio drops. An official told this on Monday (1 February). An official of the district said that the affected children have been admitted to a government hospital, where their condition is stable.

BMC Joint Municipal Commissioner drinks sanitiser

All children were under five years of age. Action will be taken against three health workers for such lapses. The incident took place at Bhanbora Primary Health Center in Kapasikopari village where a national pulse polio vaccination program is being run for children aged between one and five years.

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