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Almost every working professional these days have their personalised business card which they exchange with prospective clients during business meetings. One such business card of a House Maid who works as a domestic help for a living, has gone viral on internet these days.

It so happened that a lady named Geeta Kale who works as a domestic help around Bavdhan area in Pune lost work from one of her employer. She was upset about it, as that work itself fetched her handsome monthly payment. On seeing her upset, Geeta Kale’s another employer ‘Dhanashree Shinde’ decided to help her find new work which would fulfill her earnings gap.

Dhanashree Shinde designed and printed business cards for Geeta Kale and asked her to circulate it in the neighbourhood so that anyone who requires domestic help can contact her and hire her. Geeta Kale’s business card had her mobile number and monthly charges for different type of household work viz. dusting, mopping, washing clothes etc. The business card also carried a line “Aadhar Card Verified” which seems to have been inserted to add credibility.

Geeta Kale’s business card was shared on social media. It has never been heard or seen that House Maids in India carry such professional business cards. Thus the photo of business card and the related story of Geeta kale and Dhanashree Shinde immediately went viral. Since then Geeta Kale’s phone has not stopped buzzing and work offers are pouring in from all directions.

Big salute to Dhanashree Shinde for applying creative thinking and presence of mind to bring a positive difference in life of somebody who actually needed it.

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