It Is OK to ‘CRY’ | Sachin Tendulkar’s Emotional Open Letter to All Men

On the occasion of ‘International Men’s Week’, Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar has written an Open Letter for all the boys and men. The main message that he wants to convey through this letter is that, It is OK for a man to CRY and express his feelings. This actually makes a man stronger.

In the letter, Sachin has mentioned that men should not hide their feelings and during difficult moments, if they become emotional, then they should let their tears flow. He further states, every men will experience a time in their life when they will be surrounded with doubt, would have fear in mind and may even fail on few occasions. During such events, a man should not hold his tears.

In face of such situations, most men hold back their tears, just to appear strong. This is what, men have been made to believe, that ‘Men Don’t Cry’ and you are strong, only if you don’t cry. Sachin mentioned that most men, including him, have been raised with this belief.

However, now, he has realized that it is wrong. Crying and letting out your feelings does not make you weak. It rather makes you strong as it is not easy to publicly show tears and express your emotions.

In the letter, Sachin also recalled his experience of 16th November 2013, the last day of his Cricket career. Although he was prepared for this day, he just felt emotionally choked while walking back to the pavilion for the last time, as too many things were going on in his mind at that time. All of a sudden, tears started rolling off his eyes, in front of the entire stadium and also all the media cameras that were recording the moment.

But surprisingly, after that, he felt peace from within.

To conclude, this emotional letter from Sachin Tendulkar conveys that crying in front of others is absolutely normal, as tears itself are a part of your personality which should not be hidden.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Open Letter to All Men

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