Now Ranu Mondal Supporters have Come Forward to Defend Her against Social Media Trolls | Read the Reactions

Ranu Mondal Supporters Defend Her against Social Media Trolls

As most of you must be aware, just few days ago, Ranu Mondal’s picture in heavy makeup surfaced online and immediately went viral.

Ranu Mondal Gets Trolled for Heavy Make Up

Her makeup was so heavy that it did not go well with her attire and overall personality, rather her appearance turned out to be unpleasant. The image was captured at an event where Ranu Mondal also performed a ramp walk.

Netizens on all social media platforms made lot of fun of Ranu Mondal’s heavy makeup. In addition to this there were a series of memes that did rounds on the internet, all making fun of Ranu Mondal. Although some memes were indeed funny, most of the memes were extremely offensive and out rightly derogatory.

To counter such offensive and derogatory trolls, Ranu Mondal fans and supporters have now come forward in her defence.

Let’s have a look at such supportive reactions:

One user expressed concern that so many people tweeting about Ranu Mondal’s makeup is an indication of widespread unemployment, where as another user insisted on having restraint in words and being kind while judging public figures.

Some users expressed direct support for Ranu Mondal, by stating that the bad makeup is the makeup artist’s fault and not hers.

In recent times, Ranu Mondal is the only celebrity who has seen the Good, Bad and Ugly side of Social Media in a very short period of time. Although she has attained fame, work and better lifestyle on account of her talent which was recognised through social media, she is constantly being judged for her appearance and behaviour in public.

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