These 5 Sign indicate that you may have lived a ‘Past Life’

Signs of Past Life

Do you think, you had a ‘past life’, i.e. you existed before you were born? Do you believe in the concept of ‘past life’ or ‘rebirth’? Do you want to know about the past life? Many such questions may have popped up in your mind from time to time. It is okay that you would not have been Hitler, Napoleon or Mussolini in your past life, but you must have been someone as you may have experienced such incidents in your daily life which strongly indicate that you had a past life.

Here are the 5 signs which indicate that you have lived a past life:

1) Recurring Nightmares:

Most of us, don’t take our dreams very seriously. But the world of dreams contains many secrets within itself. Dreams convey certain thing to us, which we should try to understand. If you get a particular bad and scary dream again and again, then it may be an indication of a not so pleasant experience/incident connected to your past life. Apart from this, if your dream always breaks at the same point again and again, then it is also considered a sign of past life.

2) Memories of Past life:

Do memories of past life weigh upon your mind even today? Do you ever feel that events that are happening right now around you have already happened before? Or you are currently facing a situation which has already have occurred before? Many people consider such experiences as coincidence. But there is a high possibility that it may be related to your previous birth.

3) Doubts or Fear which do not have logical explanation:

Fear of things that can harm you is quite normal. For example – snakes, dangerous animals etc. But when you start getting scared of intrinsically non harmful things like certain colors, numbers, tastes and smells, which other people around you are not afraid off, then it is a sign of abnormality. In short, all such phobias which do not have any logical explanation give an indication of past life.

4) Attraction for a Particular Place or Time:

If you visit a place for the first time, but it seems familiar, for example, if you are staying in a hotel for the first time but are aware about all the nuances of that hotel, then it is an indication of past life. If you sometimes feel an urge to know about a particular period/event in History and start reading/researching about it, then it may be due to your past life connection with that period.

5) Strange Memory Recalls:

Sometimes you may recall a particular event/incident which may have never occurred in your current lifetime. However, you may be able to recall it with utmost accuracy. People around you may find such memories of yours as strange and vague. This particularly happens with children, when they start speaking or remembering something which cannot be related to their current birth. Such strange yet wonderful memory recall may have a direct connection with your past life.

It is to be noted that Religion and Science have different views pertaining to past life and rebirth. Yet when the above stated things happen, it must have some meaning/logic behind it.

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